Main Stage Conference & Immersive Breakouts

Design Thinking Ireland 2019

25th June, 2019

09:00 to 17:00

Croke Park, Dublin

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Selection of Main Stage Conference Topics

The Business Value of Design

Rakhi Rajani – Foresight, futures and Innovation – Associate Partner, Design + Innovation at McKinsey & Company

  • While leaders naturally want their company’s products and services to be on the “good design” list, consistently delivering this goal is increasingly difficult. Furthermore, without definitive metrics linking design to business outcomes, the craft has yet to truly reach the level of C-suite importance… Until now. In 2018, McKinsey & Company correlated the financial data and design actions of 300 companies over 5 years. The results of the survey and underlying framework suggest that design is far more powerful than just eye candy on physical and digital products.

Innovation Readiness in teams

Holly O’Driscoll – former Global Design Thinking Leader at Procter & Gamble USA and CEO Ampersand Innovation

  • How do you know if your team is ready to apply the Design Thinking method and mindset? What are the initial conditions that matter most when building Design Thinking capability in teams? In this talk, the idea of innovation readiness, how to measure it, and how to use it to increase the impact of your Design Thinking efforts will be discussed.

The Future of Healthcare is Digital….a Consumer designed Tsunami!

Dr Johnny Walker – Radiologist, Serial Digital Health Entrepreneur & Founder of Jinga Life

  • The current Hospital-based doctor-focussed healthcare model is bent and buckled but not yet broken. Never has there been a more compelling time to redesign the way we care for the People of our Planet. Never before have we been more empowered to bring about genuine change through embracing simple mobile connected digital innovations to create safer, faster, cheaper and clinically more effective personalised solutions. We can now empower The Captain of Care in every Family in their own Home around the clock around the world…from the palm of their hands!

Designing for user needs: How to stop thinking ‘inside-out’

Tansy Murray – Director, CX and Design at Mastercard

  • It takes a cultural transformation to move from ‘inside out’ to ‘outside in’ thinking. At Mastercard, the cultural transformation is happening team by team. There is a shift from being ‘technology led’ to ‘experience led’. We’re moving from delivering ‘the minimum viable product’ to delivering ‘the minimum valuable product’. This talk will look at how to bring about change at an organisational level and what practices can be adopted to embed design thinking into company culture.

The Future of Innovation at the Intersection of Art & Design

Domhnaill Hernon – Vice President, Head of Experiments in Art and Technology at Nokia Bell Labs

  • Innovation and creativity are some of the most overused buzz words in modern society. If everything is “innovative” then surely nothing is?! How can you increase the creativity of a population when it can’t be described by an algorithm or framework? These are examples of popular sound bites that generate “check-the-box” exercises and thus limit our ability to progress humanity through technological evolution. In this talk I discuss the need to deeply understand what innovation truly is (and is not) and I share real examples of ways to develop innovative solutions by fusing art and technology.

What Design Thinking has thought me about life (and myself)!

Siobhan Hennessy – Head of Customer Experience at Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland

  • Siobhan will bring us through her journey of implementing Design Thinking approach and projects in Musgrave – What the learnings were and the outcomes of the projects. And how this approach has been hugely transformative for the delivery of better customer experiences.

Unpacking Design Thinking: Exploring multiple lens’ to identify growth opportunities

  • Éadaoin McCarthy – Director of Market Research and Consumer Connection, Kerry Taste and Nutrition

Selection of Immersive Interactive Breakouts

LEGO® Serious Play: An introduction to a facilitated thinking and problem-solving method

Karl Fitzpatrick, Elaine Bowden & John Hartnett, Bricks4Biz

  • The LEGO® Serious Play Methodology will guide you into a free and honest exchange of opinion. You will be building landscape models with LEGO® elements, giving them meaning through story-making, and playing out various possible scenarios – a process which deepens understanding, sharpens insight, and socially “bonds” together the group as it “plays” together. The physical and tangible construction allows you to have conversations which flow, without the fear of treading on personal feelings. Real issues are addressed, and ultimately you will be able to see things through the eyes of your colleagues – and have them gain a better understanding of your perspective.

Google Ventures Design Sprint

Raomal & Rohan Perera, Lean Disruptor 

  • How many meetings and discussions does it take before you can be sure you have the right solution? What’s the most important place to focus your effort, and how do you start? What will your idea look like in real life? Our organisations face big questions every day. Now there’s a surefire way to answer these important questions; the SPRINT. Jake Knapp created the five-day process at Google, where sprints were used on everything from Google Search to Google X. In this hands-on workshop, you will be given a taster of what a Design Sprint is about and the mindset necessary to be involved in one. You will be applying the Sprint principles in attempting to solve to a real-world problem within a limited time frame.

Using Design Thinking to Define Priorities

Damian Costello, Managing Partner, Decode Innovation

  • While most typically used in the creative divergent stage of idea generation and the identification or unmet needs, this interactive workshop will show novices and experienced practitioners how to use Design Thinking in the more judgmental convergent stages of the innovation process. Helping participants to more effectively identify good ideas and prioritize next steps

What is Design Thinking?

Frank Deviitt and Trevor Vaugh, Maynooth University & The Arrive Academy

  • This breakout presents an overview of design thinking to those who are new to or unsure about the subject. Design thinking is a mindset that supports radical innovation and creative decision making. The mindset gives rise to a set of behaviours, enabled by a variety of practices and methods.  We’ll show you some select methods that we find very useful and describe case studies where they have been successfully used.

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