Róisín Markham

Róisín Markham

Róisín Markham

Experience Designer | eBay

Róisín Markham is a systems expert and design thinking pioneer. An innovator, founder, and future-thinker, she has worked for more than twenty years helping clients align process to purpose by drawing a path from strategy to sustainable action.

Róisín uses participatory design processes to help organisations co-create clean, simple solutions. Her clients are curious about and ready to discover new ways of working. As Director of Innovation Services at BDT Consultancy, she delivered regenerative solutions for Aer Lingus, VHI, BoI, PTSB, the HSE, ESRI, Vodafone, Bord Bia, The Dock Accenture, DCCOI, GEAI, Corporate Wellness Ireland, Failte Ireland, The Irish Mental Health Commission, and has recently joined eBay as an experience designer.

A specialist in design strategy, she brings teams on the journey from design thinking to design doing. Using interdisciplinary practices and bringing blended methodologies into the room. She asks questions that create space for people to think. Expertly using design to support teams explore areas of potential risk with integrity and collective ownership for all stakeholders. 

As a design thinker, she introduces clients to new ways of looking, listening and thinking. Róisín knows that innovation thrives in environments where disruption can be truly transformative. 

Located in rural Ireland, Roisin works globally. 

Her activism work includes 

  • Irish Doughnut Economics Network #IDEN, founder and network steward
  • Wexford Environmental Network and Climate Action Wexford 
  • RASDA, a group responding to anticipated systemic disruption, a founding member
  • Green Purse, a conscious consumer cultural change project launching soon  

A generous skills-sharer and ideas connector, Róisín is a visiting lecturer on design thinking and rapid prototyping at NUI Galway, and on digital facilitation practice at NCAD. 

A former HPSC COO, with a parallel career as an artist, Róisín delivers tangible value by developing client-appropriate systems that can transform struggling teams into thriving collaborators, full of playful passion. 

Róisín Markham is a cultural thinker living with the question – How do we create a future worth living into?