22nd June: Deepening your Design Thinking Practice

facilitated by Karen Hold, Founder and CEO, Experience Labs; Director, DT:DC

Audience: Every day, design thinkers create value and positive impact for the people they serve. Experience Labs teaches timeless principles of empathy, experimentation and iteration that deepens design thinkers’ practice to deliver greater value and greater impact.

This 1-Day Deepening Your Design Thinking Practice workshop is open to all who are working with innovation and design thinking in industry and recognize that in order to create something new they must become someone new in the process.   

Description: Authenticity is the currency of innovation. The transformational power of design thinking is not in what it encourages us to do, but in who it encourages us to become. Design thinking gives us a chance to become more real – to get in touch with our authentic human selves, to restore some of the wonder and creativity we had as children, but have lost. Being a design thinker doesn’t rely on whether you went to design school or not, or have innovation in your job title. The path is there for all of us, if we are willing to make the journey. We become design thinkers by experiencing design. But how? 

Experience Design’s 1-Day workshop establishes a new method of experiencing design that dramatically deepens your innovation and design thinking practice. Topics include: 

  • Immersion – Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes
  • Sense-making & Alignment – Navigating Ambiguity and Discomfort
  • Emergence – Creating the Conditions for Higher Order Solutions
  • Imagining – Embodied Prototyping to Provoke Feelings
  • Learning in Action – Cultivating Judgement to Make Ideas Better

During the morning session, attendees learn how to observe and feel the world from someone else’s perspective in order to gain a deeper understanding of someone’s else’s value, beliefs and way of life. They will also explore their personal relationship with ambiguity and discomfort and reflect on the tools and mindsets that can be helpful for navigating uncertainty. 

During the afternoon session, attendees learn how to understand the value of multiple solutions, use visualizations as provocations for rich conversations, and strengthen their willingness to be wrong. Throughout the day, attendees work individually and in small groups to try on new mindsets and behaviours that will spur more successful collaboration across diverse groups of people. 

Pre-Requisites: Each attendee will take a 10-minute Innovation Mindset assessment prior to the workshop.  

Performance Objectives: Deeping Your Design Thinking Practice attendees focus on these performance objectives: 

  • Listening to understand rather than to test
  • Being fully present in the moment to the lived experiences of those they are designing for
  • Questioning the given norms, rules and status quo 
  • Willingness to make different perspectives visible to others
  • Staying in the possibility space despite discomfort
  • Pursuing multiple possibilities
  • Translating an idea into a vivid expression that elicits an emotional experience
  • Able to recognize when knowing interferes with learning

Job Tools: Experience Labs teaches with Job Tools, for use by attendees during and after the workshop: 

  • Minimum Viable Competencies 
  • Navigating Ambiguity Map 
  • Idea Bingo Card 
  • Feedback Scorecard 


Wednesday, 22nd June 2022


9:00 am to 5:00 pm
(exact times to be confirmed)


DCU Campus, Dublin

Capacity 30

Separate tickets are required for this workshop. It can be booked whether or not you attend the conference.