Service Design: Creating business models based on user-centred services

Facilitated by Jan Schmiedgen, D-School at HPI & Olga Scupin, Fuxblau


Wednesday, 30th May 2018


8:30 am to 4:30 pm


The Helix, DCU, Dublin



In recent years many industries are experiencing a dramatic change – from a product-focused to a services-oriented industry. A new ‘service economy’ was born. Many of today’s startups are creating digital services and form a very important part of the creative entrepreneurship scene. In Germany for example, almost 70% of the countries economic power is based on services.

Opposed to products, services are intangible. The “designing” of services relates to shaping an ecosystem of touchpoints, rather than a stand-alone artefacts. Therefore, service design does not only focus on design in a traditional way (shape, aesthetics, usability etc.) but also incorporates strategic planning for service ecosystems and business models.

The workshop will start with a short theoretical introduction to service design, followed by interactive sessions in which the participants get to apply a small selection of service design tools hands-on to a real challenge.

This will be a hands-on learning experience for everyone who wants to get a playful and interactive introduction to the basics of service design.

You will gain an understanding of the key concepts of the emerging discipline and apply a selection of frequently used tools and methods like ‘Empathy Maps’, ‘Customer Journey Mapping’, ‘Body-Storming’ and the like.